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Health Coach | Pastry Chef | Painter | Chronically Ill
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To me…

* gluten-free means gluten-free, none of that we can't guarantee... nonsense

* we should all be able to voice our needs, even if we don't look disabled

* while environment and diet may not have caused our illness, improving them will have a positive impact on our health

* living our lives according to our own rules and needs is vital for a well-lived life with chronic illness


I want you to feel...

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Because the opposite isn't that great either!

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How could we not be?

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Because, damn, following the rules all the times won't get you anywhere

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Hello, have we met?!


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Sarah's help in sorting out my new food restrictions is invaluable and she is so knowledgable! Someday, I hope to meet her in person.



About me

I'm Sarah. I'm a coach, I write, paint and even trained as a pastry chef. 

On this site, I hope to inspire you to take your life in your own hands as well.

I believe that every human, whether they're ill or not, should be able to have the life they want.

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Does that sound good to you?

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