picture of me: I'm sitting on a rock by the beach in front of a beachy bungalow. I'm wearing a light long coat with light orange flowers and a dark orange trim. A grey big scarf, dark green shirt, blue dress pants and camel colored leather ankle boots


I'm Sarah. I'm a coach, I write (here and even a book and all, I'd publish it but, you know, editor fees), I paint (even sold a few pieces across the US) and I even trained as a pastry chef. Not telling you how long ago that was!

I love wearing heels but walk barefoot whenever I can too. I'm a big fan of Dutch hiphop and 'alternative' music (according to my friends).

I'm almost always overdressed, at least, other people might say so, I love getting dressed up so who says high heels aren't suited to the farm shop? 

I love that beach life, currently working on making that situation permanent. Although I haven't quite decided what country would suit me best! 

Oh and I've got a chronic illness too, did you pick up on that?

I was diagnosed with dysautonomia three years ago now, although I've been ill for over seven. I've also got gastroparesis but that didn't take as long to figure out.

On this website, I hope to inspire you to take your life in your own hands as well.

I believe that every human, whether they're ill or not, should be able to have the life they want.

I publish new articles every couple of months, that's to save my sanity! I need to live this life after all, as well as write about it.

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