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Health Coach | Pastry Chef | Painter | Chronically Ill

Sarah's a certified health coach and trained pastry chef living in Belgium. She had to give up her training to become a pastry chef when her health declined.

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She graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2015 after being diagnosed with gastroparesis and dysautonomia.

It was years until she got those diagnoses. Thanks to her own research she was able to ask her doctors for the tests needed to confirm her conditions. 

Her step by step systems have helped others with chronic conditions combine going gluten-free with their other dietary restrictions, apply systems to use their energy well and get support.  

She's certified by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners

In her spare time she likes listening to alternative music (she's a big fan of Dutch hiphop), finding suitable fashion options and budget-friendly ways to make her home more appealing. You'll find her in high heels or barefoot. Dressed up or in PJs.

She's recently started painting and drawing to cope with her illnesses and is looking to move near to a beach soon.

Oh, and after going gluten-free, she learned that not being able to talk to people isn't normal. She very much enjoys conversations now.


Something That's Helpful To Those With Chronic Illness Rather Than Hindering Or Being Problematic For Them.

chc: {ABBREVIATION} | /see/-/h/-/see/ |

Abbreviation of Certified Health Coach.
See also; Chronic Health Condition or Lucky Coincidence

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