So how do you buy some of my art?

Here's all the options




What is a print? A print is an official reproduction of a painting. I have mine made through a company in the UK. They print their art reproductions on high quality paper, I've been very happy with the results!

If you order a print on my website, the order is put in with the printer, they print it, wrap it and ship it out to you.

Ordering a print, you've got the option of having it printed on bamboo paper. This is very eco-friendly.

If you'd like your piece printed on bamboo paper, make sure to add 'print on bamboo paper' to your shopping basket before you check out. It's a product in the shop, it's a drawing of bamboo. 

Digital downloads


Digital downloads are a great way to have a (or more than one) print of one of my paintings on your walls.

They're the most budget-friendly option and the quickest way to put my art on a wall of yours.

You buy a digital file of the painting. This allows you to print it yourself.

I've had great results using Canon matte photo paper and my printer at home. You can also have it printed at a printer near you.

The image is sized to fit on letter/a4 paper, you can print it up to about twice that size and it will still look nice. 


 Image: card and envelope. The card has different blues and pinks painted in an abstract rectangular pattern with blue stripes and pink triangles added. In the middle, there a white space and it says ' you don't have to,  get well soon '.

These are probably one of my favourite options. You can get any of my paintings printed on a mug, a notebook, cards, phone covers... They've even got stickers now, which I just love.

I use a company called Society6 and they print and ship all the products for me. I've personally bought some of my cards and a notebook to try and I love the quality.

It takes a couple of days for them to process your order but after that they ship really quickly.