10 things to do with your Udi's loaf, throwing it out isn't one of them

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So I've been hearing a lot from people who bought a loaf of Udi's gluten-free bread and noticed a ginormous hole running through it.


Instead of being miffed and calling the company, they just threw out the loaf! Whoa!

I'd be pissed off if that happened, but throwing out the bread?

No way, at least if I got my money back, that would be a free loaf and if not then I'd still have the loaf.

Now, if it's under-cooked or just plain raw, don't eat it because that would just make you sick.

I figured I'd put together a list of ideas for what to do when your gluten-free loaf didn't turn out quite the way you wanted.

So, here's 10 things you can do when your loaf's got a hole in it.

  1. Make breadcrumbs. Stick the slices in a food processor, pulse and you're done. They freeze great.
  2. Make bread and butter pudding. Put the slices in an oven proof bowl, take some store-bought custard, pour it into a bowl with some milk and an egg, mix well and pour over the bread. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F and bake for 30 minutes.
  3. Make French toast. It's French toast, who cares what it looks like? Take an egg and some milk, pour the milk in a dish and whisk the egg in another dish. Dip the bread first in the milk and then in the egg. Bake in a pan and serve as is or with sugar, maple syrup, jam...
  4. Turn them into appetizers. Toast them off in a grill pan, chop up some tomato, add some basil, season and put on the slices. serve.
  5. Make a summer pudding. Cover the inside of a bowl with two layers of clingfilm. Slice the bread in strips. Put fresh or frozen mixed red berries in a pan and cook through with some sugar. Dip the bread slices in the mixture, cover the inside of the bowl with the strips, make sure they overlap slightly. Fill up the pudding with the rest of the fruit. Cover the bottom of the pudding with the remaining bread. Put a plate on the pudding and leave to firm up in the fridge overnight. Turn out onto a plate and remove the cling film, serve with (ice)cream.
  6. Make a winter pudding. Same principal as the summer pudding, only it's not soaked in anything and filled with your favourite ice cream. Let the ice cream soften enough to scoop it out. Fill the pudding, use the leftover bread to cover the bottom, add a plate and stick it back in the freezer. Melt chocolate to pour over the pudding and decorate with some holly for a great, easy Christmas dessert.
  7. Make croutons. Cut the slices into cubes, fry off in a pan and serve with soup.
  8. Make trifle. Use store bought jam/jelly and custard to layer between the bread in a bowl. Chill in the fridge and serve.
  9. Make soldiers. Cut the bread into strips, toast and enjoy with a boiled egg.
  10. Make surprise cheese and ham sandwiches. Normally, you cut a hole in the bread for it, no need for that now :) . Butter two slices of bread, add a slice of cheese and ham (you know how you'd make a sandwich). Put a pan on medium heat and start baking the sandwich, once one side is coloured, turn it over and crack an egg into the hole. Bake until the egg's cooked. Serve.

Make something awesome with your holey bread and let me know how it went! 

PS. I mention Udi's bread here but this applies to all brands of bread of course.