Resource Guide: My Favourite Online Business Courses

Hi everyone! 

My favourite online business resources

Today, I figured, I'd share my favourite online courses for business, design etc. I've taken these courses (wow, so many courses!) myself and paid for them, these are the ones I've found most useful. 

Online Business

Build a Profitable Blog, Femtrepreneur (free)

This free course talks you through the what and how of teaching/building/launching online courses, having an email list and why they're a valuable asset and an option worth exploring. Once Mariah's convinced you, proceed ;) .

Launch Your Signature Course tm, Femtrepreneur (Paid)

This is Mariah (Femtrepreneur's founder) and her team's premium course. Digital products like online courses are the best way to start (or grow!) an online business.

Courses have virtually no overhead (other than the software you want to use), unlimited potential, and let me make help more people with less energy which is great for me.

This is why two years ago, I first decided to create online courses. 

Mariah is super smart about this stuff - and her strategies are the “opposite” of what everyone else keeps regurgitating, which is why they’re so effective. She's the best salesperson out there, got to learn from the best, right? All my systems, website set-up, etc, that's all her.

LYSC takes you through the process of creating and launching high-value, high(er)-priced products. This is such a valuable course and group, the webinars are great to keep you on track as well as ask questions. LYSC comes with a step-by-step plan so you can follow along. 

The doors to LYSC are closed now, they course will be open for enrollement later this year.

Badass Babes Blog Club (now Dare to Blog, dare to Grow and Dare to Earn), XO Sarah (Free and Paid)

Sarah Morgan's Badass Babes course was the second blogging/business course I invested in. Mariah (from Femtrepreneur) did a webinar with Sarah and that's how I signed up for Mariah's courses.

Sarah's since split the original course up into these two new ones, that makes them more accessible I think.

While YF1$K (another of Mariah's courses) and LYSC focus on course creation and list building to sell courses, the Dare to... courses focus more on building a blog and other blogging and website related topics. Sarah's great at helping with code stuff as well!

Website Building and Design

Square your site, Megan Minns, (Paid) 

image: square your site, blue background, title: ready to have a website that works? yellow button to buy the course

Website in a Box is the course to take if you want to learn how to use squarespace. Learn how to create a great homepage for your site with an awesome blog and all the pages you need to share your information and sell your products.

Megan explains how to get set up using Squarespace, shows you how to make great graphics for your site and how to customize your new site. Megan does a great job of showing you how to put everything together.

When I moved to Squarespace (I used to be on Wordpress) this course really helped me to see how I could use different Squarespace features and make the most of the platform to create a clean site. I used Website in a Box (now Square your Site) to make this version of my site so if you like the way this looks, take a look at Website in a Box.

Better Branding Course, Caroline Winegeart, (Paid)

Caroline' Zook's Better Branding Course. A logo image, the title of the course is written in a swirly black handwriting with a black and turquoise illustration of a diamond on top 

While Website in a Box's about building your Squarespace site and the other courses touch on design and give tips for different design software choices or help you with the strategy behind website and social media graphics and colours/fonts, none of them go into depth on exactly how/why you should pick certain colours or fonts or what to base your logo on etc.

That's where Caroline's course comes in, she goes all the way back to the beginning. She has you build a foundation for your branding based on your brand values (she makes you figure those out too) and key words you want your brand to convey. Based on those values, she helps you put together a mood board. You'll select your colours and fonts from that, all to make sure you've got a brand that feels consistent throughout.

You'll end up with a well-designed brand identity, including a logo, photography and graphic elements. She's included templates, tutorials and worksheets to help put everything together. There's even a guide on how to launch your new spiffy site.

While I haven't gone through Caroline's system for this site, I have done the whole thing for another brand I've been working on (you'll hear all about that soon) and it's great to be able to put together a brand that fully makes sense and is based on a solid foundation, rather than a bunch of things I've pulled together from different sources.


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