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Seven tips for conserving energy in the kitchen

I love food, I love cooking (after all I was training to be a pastry chef before I had to drop out because of my health).

There’s nothing I love more than watching all the cooking show Christmas specials during December.

I’m even doing my own Christmas cooking special this year! (check it out at

I’ve been able to find ways to help me save energy and even make things just because I want to.

Here’s how.

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The Chronic Guide to Buying Food

So today I wanted to talk about where I get my food and how you can get good food too. We'll go over gluten-free foods but we'll look at healthy food and gastroparesis-friendly options too.

If you're not living in one of those areas where everything just seems available, you'll need this article. Who even lives in a place where you can just get food off of shelves and have it work for you? I don't!

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