Gastroparesis Giveaway How-To

UPDATE: this giveaway is now over, thanks to everyone who entered

It's almost Christmas so I wanted to do a giveaway. I'm giving away Crystal Saltrelli's Eating for  Gastroparesis! Yay!

It's a great book to get you started on the foundations of your gastroparesis management plan.

It gives you great guidelines for healthy gp-friendly eating.

There's 75 great recipes in there as well as the 10 guidelines for eating gp-friendly, answers to FAQs, tips for eating at home and when you're away. 


I think it’s a must-have for everyone with gastroparesis.

It's also the perfect foundation for my upcoming course (shameless plug). Anyone with gastroparesis can join but you do need a foundation in place.

The winners are drawn December 24th and the prizes will be emailed out right after. Just in time for the holidays.

You can keep it or give it to someone else this Christmas.

We all know how awesome Crystal and her books are so I won't go into it further. We all need our spoons :)

Here's how to enter the giveaway.

  1. This is the first screen you'll see when you go to the giveaway page.
crystal giveaway printscreen 1 part 2

Here you'll be able to find

a. how long the giveaway will run for

b. what the prize is


c. the question you need to answer to enter (and to prove you're not a robot ;) )

Pick the correct answer (it's not hard at all ;) ). this is the next page you'll be taken to.

2. This is the next page you'll be taken to.

crystal giveaway printscreen 2 part 2

You'll see you've got one entry. This is where you're able to share the giveaway to get more. You'll get three extra entries for every person who enters through your Lucky URL.

3. Make sure you check your email inbox after that to confirm your entry.

crystal giveaway printscreen 3 part 2

It's probably in your junk/spam folder so check there too.

crystal giveaway printscreen 4 part 2

You'll get the confirmation email right after you enter.

4. Click the link that says 'Visit ............. to confirm your entry' to confirm you want to join.

Keep this email because it has your Lucky URL link. Feel free to share this link with others during the giveaway to get those extra entries. You'll get three extra per person who joins with your link.

crystal giveaway printscreen 5 part 2

This is the final page you're taken to after you click that link. You'll see it now says 'you have one confirmed entry'. If someone enters the giveaway through your link, this will update and it'll say how many entries you've got now.

That's it. I hope this walkthrough was helpful and I wish you luck.

This giveaway is now over, the winners have been notified. Thanks everyone for entering!