The Ultimate Elder Flower Lemonade

image: recipe book at the back with a vintage look, a measuring jug in front with a lemon, a bottle of rive vinegar, an elderflower and a green bowl with sugar in it next to.

This is a drink my mom always used to make. Going out with her to pick the flower heads, first making sure we actually had the right tree, then looking for the best heads with all of their flowers in bloom.

Picking just enough heads to make lemonade and not too much to make sure we don't end up with a kitchen filled with bottles of lemonade all going bad at the same time.

The month of June is the only time (depending on where you live) you'll be able to do this so get cooking (or brewing, whichever you prefer). I'd go with brewing, but that's just me.

You'll only need 1 big elder flower screen for about a quart of lemonade.

elder flower lemonade recipe; image: elderflower with leaves 

Elder flower lemonade recipe

Stuff you'll need:

  • a bucket

  • a knife
  • a cutting board
  • clean plastic bottles with screw caps
  • a sieve


  • 1 big elderflower screen
  • 3/4 cup or 185 grams of raw cane sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 1/2 an organic lemon

Get your bucket and fill in with the water, the elderflowers, the sugar, and the vinegar. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice with the peel to the bucket. Cover the bucket (putting a lid on in is the easiest way :) ) and leave for a day in a warm spot. Stir once in a while.

The next day, sieve out the flowers & everything else. Pour in the bottles and screw the caps on firmly. Make sure you've got a bit of space left in the bottle. Use a 2-quart bottle and fill it half-way to make sure. The bottle will get hard because of the build-up of the bubbles so don't fill them to the top to avoid a kitchen covered in elderflower lemonade. You don't want that.

Leave the bottles for a couple of days. Depending on the temperature of the room it's going to take 2-3 days. You'll be able to feel it's ready when the bottle is harder, but you can still press it in a little.

You might want to open the bottle before the 2-3 days are over to relieve some of the pressure inside the bottle.

Congrats, you've just made your own elderflower lemonade! It'll last about a week to 10 days in the fridge. After that, you'll start making wine :)