10 things to take with you to a chronic-friendly picnic

The Chronic Guide to Summer Picnics

Hi guys! Got some chronic picnic tips for you today! I love finding ways to get together with people and a picnic's a great idea.

Especially if you're gluten-free or have other food restrictions and don't want to deal with the hassle of explaining why people can't bring certain foods to your house yet or if you can't eat anything for whatever reason.

So, here's my 10 things to bring with you to a chronic illness-friendly summer picnic

1. Something to sit on. A blanket or sheet and/or pillows to make sure you're comfy.

2. A frozen bottle of water. Pour a bit of water out of a 2 litre/half a gallon water bottle and put it in your freezer. Great for keeping everything else cool and doubles up as cold water to drink, too.

3. Drinking glasses. Just one for every person coming along. 

4. Containers. To put your food in, of course. I love the glas ones from Ikea.

5. Plates and cutlery. This one's obvious, right? if you want to take paper plates and cutlery, check out the recycled ones.

6. A decent knife. Always good to keep on hand for anything that needs cutting. Wrap it in a towel with the rest of the cutlery.

7. Bowls. In case you're bringing soup.

8. A basket/crate. Another obvious one, just make sure everything you're bringing fits inside.

9. A cooler. To put your food and drinks in. I prefer the bag coolers over the plastic solid ones, they're just way too heavy. 

10. Entertainment. Something active like a ball or frisbee (for people coming with you) or a game (a deck of cards or a board game), a magazine, book...

Let me know in the comments below what you think and don't forget to download your handout below!