Should you postpone things?

So, should you?

I was thinking about the way we see procrastination the other day.

I've got this mini calendar, it's one of those that gives you a new quote or tip each day. It's by a magazine that focuses on mindfulness etc...

A recent quote was from one of the magazine's columnists. Usually I enjoy her writing but this quote didn't sit well with me.

She said that each time you are putting something off, you should go 'hey, I'm doing it again'.

To be mindful of what you're doing and correct the behavior, if you want to be technical about it.

While I think that's a great system for certain things like always making the same bad decision (like food or what you're spending money on), I don't think it applies to procrastinating.

To me, there's always a reason why you're putting things off.

Here's a few

  • you don't need to do it! It's true, often we put things off because we know they don't really need doing. We just feel like we need to do them, usually because others expect us to.

  • it's not the right time yet. This is a big one, one I experience often. Whether it's because something else has to get done first or because things on the other side of the deal (say, you need to call someone) haven't come together yet, you're feeling you need to postpone the call.

  • you're afraid to do it/the way you're doing it isn't right for you. Maybe you don't want to deal with the other people involved, the way it's being done doesn't sit right with you... this is another reason you could be putting things off.

Those first two reasons are easy to deal with. You don't need to do anything! Maybe you do but you'll know that, right? If possible, consider letting it play out for a while. In these cases procrastinating is only a good thing.

The third reason's a bit different, although it's probably got a bit of reasons one and two mixed in, so waiting it out applies too, you could also consider to change the way you're approaching what you're putting off.

Okay, so let me know, how do you handle postponing? Do you ever notice it's better to wait it out?