Year in Review 2017 + what's 2018 going to be like?

Hi everyone! We're taking a look at what the past three years of blogging have been like for me and how (and why!) I've decided to change the way I'm writing these articles moving forward.

The first couple of years of blogging were very roller coaster-y for me. I started in early 2015 even before this site was live. I would write blog posts and, because my site wasn't live, that was it. No need to do anything else.

I wanted to make sure I had a good amount of posts available before making my site public. That's what people who blog about blogging tell you, to make sure you have 10-20 blog posts ready to go when you publish you site.

year in review 2017 + what's 2018 going to be like

I haven't posted consistently in 2017. The past year I've sent less newsletters, posted less on social media and less here on my blog as well. I've posted less in 2016 compared to 2015 too.

I've been thinking about my website and my social media stuff since August. I even considered packing it all in.

It seemed I couldn't find it in me to keep it going. Then, not doing this online thing didn't feel right either.

I thought about not doing health-related topics anymore or even starting over with an art-focused blog.

I've been painting quite a bit behind the scenes and started to work on a new project as well.

I had ideas for new workshops and practised a lot. Then I realised I didn't want to teach all this quite yet.

What I realized over the past couple of months is that I don't want to share anything that isn't %100 completed anymore. Even typing that makes me nervous and less energized.

So, will there be new blog posts from me? Yeah, I'd say so. Maybe even tutorials? Possibly. Will I post them once they're done, let you all know and then rinse and repeat with the next post?

No. You'll find me (well, you won't ) behind the scenes, working on a post, finishing it, writing more posts on the same topic, finishing those and then after a while, you'll be able to read them.

I'll let you know through my newsletter (form to sign up right at the bottom of this page) when there's new posts/projects available. You could also be super old-school and go to once in a while to check!

So yeah, see you again at certain points through the year. You better stick around.

Thanks everyone who filled out the survey I sent before the holidays. All your answers were super helpful in figuring out what I wanted my website to be.

See you sometime soon,


PS. State of the Union idea loosely based on Jason Zook of He based it on Paul Jarvis's ( idea who probably took it from someone else.

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