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Hi there! Welcome to the BOF bonanza!

If you're not sure what BOF is or what this bonanza is about, then you're not in the right place. Head to to view my paintings available publicly.

This is the time to buy this set of three paintings I made especially for the BOF sale. They are made using acrylic ink, paint and marker pens. Each print is limited edition, just 10 prints are available of each painting. 

Shop all three paintings right here 

Each painting ships with an authenticity certificate and is professionally printed. They don't come framed, they're mounted on a board and wrapped in plastic but you need to frame them. Each one is a standard letter size.

If you want to buy the set of the three paintings, just use the button below. The set is available for $90 and individual prints are $45 each. That includes global shipping but they won't arrive before Christmas. If you want yours before Christmas, send me a DM in slack and we'll work something out.


Festive - 1

Festive - 2

Festive - 3


Yay, you scrolled all the way to the bottom! That means you can get your hands on a set of three original mini paintings. They're in the same style as the large ones, only there's no pictures or sizes.

Why? Because I forgot I was going to add them to the BOF sale and that would mean taking pictures and measuring them before leaving on a trip ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

They're about half a letter sized page each. It's a fun pack of all sorts of BOF bonanza and could be yours for $40. Each painting was done on mixed media paper and is signed and varnished.