Fall creativity project!

Let's draw what we're grateful for

Hi there!

This is where all the information for our Fall creativity project lives. Yay!

We'll have some recorded lessons as well as live video! You will be able to watch the recordings of every video in your own time, of course.

It's free to follow along on my facebook page at fb.com/sarahfrisonhc.

Here's a list of supplies you'd need to follow along with the project. You can pick these up on amazon for about $25/£20, this gives you enough supplies to complete the project and leaves you with plenty to keep going on your own.


What you'll need: 

  • A watercolor paint set  
  • watercolor paper 
  • an ultra fine/twin tip sharpie 
  • a water brush pen 
Image: supplies for craft project. On a wooden table, there are a sharpie marker, a watercolor set that's open so the paint colors are visible, in the middle there's a watercolor paper pad (spiral bound at the top), a water brush pen is 

Pick up your supplies from amazon.com...


Or from amazon.co.uk...


If you're enjoying the project and having fun (which is the whole point so I hope you do) consider donating and keep this thing afloat.

Also, you'll get a gift too :).

You're free to pick your own donation amount, here are some ideas.

  • $5, the average cost to join a similar workshop + lifetime access to the workshop recordings
  • $25, You're getting 3 fall themed cards to send to your friends. + lifetime access to the workshop recordings
  • $50, You're getting a limited edition poster of the card we're making. Sized 8.27 in × 11.7/ A4. + lifetime access to the workshop recordings

The cards and prints are shipped globally, yay!

Image: the poster and cards you could get when you donate
Donate using a credit card
Image: Sarah sitting at dark wooden table wearing burgundy shirt, dark blue floral skirt with golden band at the top. In front are water color paints, a marker and swatch paper. She's holding a water brush pen, sitting ready to draw on small paper pad in from of her.

About Sarah

I'm Sarah, health coach, former pastry chef and full-time sick person. I've had gastroparesis and dysautonomia for about 7 years now.

I've always been creative, in my training as a pastry chef I learned all sorts of cool stuff. We made cakes and bread but also turned marzipan into pieces of fruit and sugar into castles.

After I became ill, I didn't really do anything creative for years. Last winter, I really did not cope very well at all. I knew I had to do something creative again.

Only problem?

So many things my friends were doing like knitting or crocheting would be too much for my fingers and sternum. Like, who knew you could sublux your sternum?

I ended up settling for a painting and drawing course. I knew with the first brush stroke that this was for me.

I've been painting ever since and recently started doing some more drawing as well.

Donate using a credit card