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Health Coach | Pastry Chef | Painter | Chronically Ill

Sarah's cooking Christmas


This course is now over. We'll be back with a new edition next December

Chronic-Friendly: {adjective} | [KRON-IK]-[FREND-LEE] |

Something That's Helpful To Those With Chronic Illness Rather Than Hindering Or Being Problematic For Them.

What if you do want to put something together for the holidays but don't have the energy?

I've come up with a simple menu (it's seriously yummy and budget-friendly too).

We'll be making pumpkin soup, a cherry sauce and sweet potato casserole, 'meatloaf-urkey' (something I came up with as an easy and also gastroparesis-friendly alternative to roast turkey), mulled apple cider (this is the only recipe that isn't low-fodmap) and a 'to be determined' dessert.

You don't have to follow along, I'm releasing the videos as I make them but they are available in the course forum for as long as you like. It's fully self-paced.

All recipes are easy to prepare over a couple of days and everything freezes as well. 

Join the free program and I'll show you how to make a starter, main, side dishes and a dessert. 

All on a small budget with minimum energy and maximum taste.


 Thank you so much for doing this. It's very kind of you and makes for a nice holiday!


You'll learn how: 

  • To cook an easy and tasty starter, main, side dishes and a dessert
  • To break up the recipes so you can do them over several days to conserve energy
  • To freeze every dish and reheat it when you are ready to eat it
FireShot Capture 100 - Roasted Pumpkin and Turk_ - https___sarah-frison.wistia.com_medias_psl5g8duc2.png

The Menu

Here's the sample menu we'll be making in the course. I'll walk you through how to prepare each dish and how to freeze and reheat them.


What's included in this free program?



There's an instructional video for every recipe showing you how to prepare the dish and freeze it too.


Private group forum

You'll have access to the group forum where you'll be able to ask questions and connect with the others in the course. This is where you'll find all the videos and printable recipes.

This will also be the place to ask me questions, there won't be one-on-one email or phone support with this course. You are able to send me a direct question in the forum, however. 

We'll be back next december!

About Sarah

Sarah is a certified health coach and trained pastry chef. She was diagnosed with gastroparesis almost 6 years ago.

Since then she was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and dysautonomia. 

Her step by step systems have helped other spoonies combine going gluten-free with their other dietary restrictions, apply systems to use their spoons well and get support.  

She's now tackling Christmas and the other holidays during the festive season.


How much does this course cost? I can't find a price?

That's because it's free, no cost, gratis, fo fwee. Consider it my Christmas gift.

When does the course start? 

We'll start on December 1st and the course runs for three weeks. You do get access to the group forum straight away after signing up.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.

Do I need any special accounts or software to take the course?

No, we use a private course forum where you'll log in to view the videos and join in the conversations. All you need is a device with internet access. 

Is the menu for the course gluten-free, low-fodmap, gastroparesis-friendly, dairy-free...

The sample menu's gluten-free and gastroparesis-friendly. Most dishes are low-fodmap. There are dairy-free dishes as well but that's not the main focus of the menu. Anyone who's joining the course will be able to ask questions about swapping ingredients. 

Got another question?

Click the button right here to ask any of your other questions.

This course has ended...

We'll be back in December!


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