That's exactly what this page is about. 

What I'm working on, what I'm doing, listening to, how my health's doing. It's all here. Like a massive tweet/facebook update/pin all rolled into one.

With actual context.



  • Living in Belgium
  • Working on The Spoonie Guide to Eating Gluten-Free program launch
  • Getting weekly IV saline
  • Listening to Jungle by Night
  • Thinking about joining Instagram
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Calling my newsletter The Spoon Society



  • Just started a handlettering course 
  • Bought tickets to see a couple of my favourite bands in two months
  • Picked a date for The Spoonie Guide to Eating Gluten-Free program to start (it's April 28th, if all goes well)
  • Been doing regular enemas because #constipationaintfun
  • Been anxious about publishing this page
  • Given this site a makeover 
  • Done my first workshop


This page was born out of a disillusion with social media and blogging (I know, right? gasp!), it's true though!

It takes so much energy to maintain a decent social media presence and blogging schedule and, truth be told, it doesn't always lead to decent results, #spooniefail, right?

So, for a #spooniewin, I've changed things up and created this /now page.

This doesn't mean I'm quitting social media or blogging, it just means I've created a place for all my updates to live. 

Who came up with this concept (it wasn't me?)? The!

First published on March 1st 2016