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It’s my 25th Birthday on December 31st. You’ve got to do something special for a birthday like that, right? I thought so, too!


the ‘Oh My Birthday’ bundle! 

What’s that I hear you say?

Come on a little journey with me…

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Maybe not that far back!

Although, we can clearly see where my problem with gluten began, right? 

We’re staying in the much more recent past.

For my birthday, I’m giving you a whole bunch of stuff, yay!

Over the years I’ve taught courses, video workshops… Lots of people have loved those courses and workshops.

If you’ve been

  • looking for the perfect holiday season menu (that’s gastroparesis-friendly, gluten-free, low-fodmap-ish, dairy-free and awesomely yummy)

  • wanting to start eating gluten-free but haven’t known where to start

  • bake the perfect Birthday cake (that’s also gastroparesis-friendly, gluten-free, low-fodmap-ish, dairy-free and awesomely yummy)


  • get your food and chronic illness questions answered by me?

This is for you!

Since this is my quarter century birthday, I’m bringing them all back!

With a special Birthday twist

Rather than having a standard discount, I’m doing something special.

I’m starting the sale price at $1!

Every person who buys will make the price go up with $2. This is a cool thing called a ‘bumpsale’.

It’s lots of fun and gets you a great discount.

What is bumpsale?

Good question! You’ve probably not heard of it before today but that’s just changed. Yay!

This software called Bumpsale was invented by a friend of mine called Jason. It’s super cool and allows you to get a silly discount on three of my favourite products as well as email support from yours truely.

We’ll start selling this bundle at just a single dollar.


One dollar!

After each person buys, the price is bumped up with two dollars. The longer you wait, the more the price will increase.

The first person gets the bundle for $1, the second person will pay $3, the third person pays $5, the fourth lucky buyer gets the bundle for $7, …

Person 5000 will get the bundle for $10,001.00 😎…..

You get the idea.

The value of the bundle is about $45. Even if you’re the tenth person to buy, you’d pay $21. That’s still you getting the bundle at over %50 off🎉 !

As soon as you click the buy button, your price will be locked in for 10 minutes. Once you purchase, you'll get immediate access to everything included in the Oh My Birthday bundle!

The earlier you buy, the bigger the discount!

All you need to do to get that silly price is to click that lovely, orange button and enter your payment details.

Why don’t we take a closer look at everything that’s included?  

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We’ll start by taking a trip to holiday town!

Laaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssstttttttttttt Chhhhhristmaaaassssss I gave you my heaaaaaarrrrtttttttttttttth. The very next day, you ggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaveee it aaaawaaaaaaaaaaaayy. THHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISS year to saavvvveee me from teeeaaars, IIIIII’llllllllll give toooooooooooooooo someooooooooooooone spe—ciaaaaalllllllll

Special —- special —- speciaaallll



Thank you, thank you

How about some recipes instead? Yes, please!

In case you’re worried what to cook for your Christmas/Other holiday season celebration, this is the workshop for you.

This is

The Chronic Guide to Holiday Cooking (menu)

an on demand video series

You’ll get all the recipes you’ll need to cook a starter, main and dessert as well as instructional videos by me.

This on-demand video series shows you how to cook

image: several photos of videos included in the course. They’ve all got pink play buttons and controls. The videos show (left-right-top-bottom) the meatloaf-urkey being pulled out the oven, a food processor, the cherry sauce made and poured into a container, sarah stanidng in her kitchen in front of chopped up pumpkin and the bread pudding being pulled from the oven.
  • Pumpkin-turkey soup

  • Meatloaf-urkey

  • Sweet potato casserole

  • Cherry sauce

  • Bread (hold the butter) pudding

an image of A couple of pages from the chronic guide to holiday cooking booklet. The front page has the title on it in a white triangle at the top, an image of festive drinks decorated with cranberries, flowers, a red bird and evergreen branches. Behind the cover another two pages are spread out in a fan shape. They include the table of contents and one of the recipes.

You’ll also get a 14 page recipe booklet with all the recipes as well as a bonus hot chocolate recipe.

The booklet is in a pdf format so no physical product will be mailed to you.

Next up on our little trip…

 The chronic guide to eating gluten-free

A totally doable, even with brain fog, course in eBook format.


How could I not include my most popular course? 80+ people have taken it so far! This guide is everything I do, and you should, know about eating gluten-free. It started life out as an email course but is now bundled in an easy ebook format.

You'll learn...

  • what gluten is exactly

  • where gluten hides and what that thing called cross-contamination is

  • how to determine if something is gluten-free

  • how to clean your kitchen properly so you won't get sick anymore

Image of a couple of pages from the eating gluten-free ebook. The first image is of the cover, it has a photo at the top of a cake on a cakestand, decorated with red berries. There’s a slice of cake cut out sitting next to it on a blue plate. It also has the title of the book on it. Behind it are two pages from the book.

48 pages of my best eating gluten-free advice

With this course

  • You’ll get actionable tips every step of the way to take charge of your life and say goodbye to gluten forever without losing your mind.

  • You’ll never have to worry about getting glutened again because you’ll have all the tools you need to make your own meals. Even if the last thing you feel like doing is read another label because you’re just too tired and you need to eat something NOW.

  • You’ll get actionable recommendations and I’ll let you know what you’ll be tackling each module.

  • You’ll know what you can keep, what needs a good wash and what needs to go....

You'll be able to make these changes stick so all this info becomes second nature and you won’t have to worry about any of this stuff ever again.

Once you've gone through the e-book, you’ll be empowered with all the resources you could possibly need to eat safely at home without having to worry about getting ill.

You can go at your own pace and always refer back to the materials in the guide.

A Birthday calls for cake, right?

Exactly! Which is why I’ve also included the Birthday Cake workshop.

This is an on-demand video recording.

In the recording, I show you exactly how I bake and decorate my grandmother’s Birthday cake recipe.

Except I made it gluten-free, gastroparesis-friendly and added some of my own pastry chef tricks (you’ve got to see how I use those baking sheets!) to make this one of the best cakes you could possibly have, ever.

An image of a video, we see Sarah standing in the center, she wears a super cool purple dress, she’s pouring something from a cup into a stand mixer.

Email support

an image of sarah, she’s wearing an awesome red and blue jumpsuit with a leaf pattern, a blue cardigan and brown clip-on sunglasses. She’s standing in front of a field

Got questions about the courses/workshops? Want to know how to substitute certain ingredients? How to make your family favourite recipes work for your dietary needs?

Questions about managing gastroparesis and dysautonomia?

Get your questions answered by me via email.

I can’t promise I’ll be able to find the perfect solution for everything but I do promise to be as helpful as I can be. I’ll make sure to reply within 2-3 days, keep in mind that it’s the holiday season!

That means you get

an image of a desktop computer displaying the cooking video. The area around the computer is decorated with christmas items; a gift, a mug with a cinnamon stick, evergreen branches in a vase, a felt christmas tree, baubles.. all in a grey/green color scheme

The Chronic Guide to Holiday Cooking

video course showing you how to cook a great holiday season meal

$15 value

an image of a desk with printed pages of the eating gluten-free ebook. The area around the ebook is decorated with christmas items; a gift, a mug with a cinnamon stick, evergreen branches in a vase, a felt christmas tree, baubles.. all in a grey/green color scheme

The Chronic Guide to Eating Gluten-Free

ebook showing you how to eat gluten-free when you’ve got a chronic illness

$20 value

an image of a desktop computer displaying the workshop video. The area around the computer is decorated with christmas items; a gift, a mug with a cinnamon stick, evergreen branches in a vase, a felt christmas tree, baubles.. all in a grey/green color scheme

Birthday Cake workshop

on-demand video workshop showing you how to bake and decorate a great birthday cake

$10 value

as well as

Grey Christmas email to sarah mockup compressed.png

Priority email support

get your questions answered

priceless 😉


$45+ in value for exactly $1, maybe…

Check out the price on the button ——>

remember, the price goes up every time someone buys…


avatar Lynne (1).png

Sarah's help in sorting out my new food restrictions is invaluable and she is so knowledgeable! Someday, I hope to meet her in person.



Sarah’s awesome!

Ankur, CEO of Teachable (yes, I've got video proof of this one)


I wish Sarah’s course was available when I had to stop eating gluten. It was so miserable!

Amanda Ah Sue -

amanda ah sue testimonial compressed.png

anonymous comments about the holiday cooking series:


Thank you Sarah for the wonderful recipe! It came out perfectly!


Thank you so much for doing this. It's very kind of you and makes for a nice holiday!

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Can I use paypal to buy the bundle?

No, this sale only works with credit cards.

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

I’ll get you your money back, yay! If you’re not happy with what you’ve bought, I don’t want to keep your money. Although, with products this fun and helpful, I don’t think that should be a problem.

How will I get access?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll get an email with a top-secret, super-secret, very-secret, password. That password will be used on the redemption page that contains all the Oh My Birthday bundle products. You’ll always be able to come back to that page so you don’t have to download/watch everything in one go.

How long will I have access for?

How does forever sound? All the products included are for your own personal use for as long as you want.

What about the email support? How long will that be valid?

You’ll be able to email me your questions for the rest of the winter.

When does this bundle sale end?

Are the recipes gluten-free, low-fodmap, gastroparesis-friendly, dairy-free...?

The recipes are gluten-free and gastroparesis-friendly. Most dishes are low-fodmap and dairy free or swaps are suggested. You’ll be able to email me for suggestions as well.

Do I need any special accounts or software to take the courses/workshops?

No, all you need is a device with internet access. For the ebook you'll need a pdf reader. Adobe has a free well known one. It's called adobe acrobat. I prefer using Foxit pdf editor. It allows you to write on the pdf file and then print out. It's great if you want to take notes in the ebook without writing by hand. You can download it for free at Most computers will have a built-in pdf reader.

Are the videos subtitled/captioned?

Not at this point, sorry!

Is this an editable pdf? Can I write directly into it?

No, this is a regular pdf. If you prefer to write down notes using your computer, make sure to read the question before this one. The Foxit software is a great option for writing over a pdf document without it being editable.

Can I read the ebook on a Kindle or other e-reader?

No, unfortunately the ebook is in a PDF format. This means you can only read it on a computer, laptop or tablet. You’re also welcome to print a paper copy.

Got another question? Use the button right there —-> to send me a message

Photo of Sarah, it’s a headshot of her wearing a top with a fern/palm foliage print in green, white and pink. She’s looking insanely awesome standing in front of a rose bush

Who’s giving you all this awesome stuff?

I’m Sarah

Trained pastry chef, board certified health coach, chronically ill all-round awesome person (woman).